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And there have certainly been quite a few spectacular poker comebacks over the years in both land-based casinos and online. A well-known poker phrase is "a chip and a chair," and that refers to what is undoubtedly the most notable poker comeback of all time. This honor is …

Entering A Cash Game Pot - Poker Entering a Cash Game Pot If you take into account all previous lessons on pre-flop play - including the importance of hand evaluation , table position and effective stacks - you will have an idea of the kind of considerations you need to make before entering a pot. Aussie poker club Online poker is now banned in many countries. This is where PPPoker comes in. This free poker app, which has quickly become one of the biggest poker app in the world, allow people to play in private club using "agents" to manage their deposit and cashout in real money. With Aussie poker club, you can play in real money, all over the world.

Yesterday was an impressive day for online poker, as the record for the biggest online poker pot ever was broken 4 times in just a few hours. FTPRailheaven and Gusheaven, the two $500/$1000 NLHE tables, were the center of attention, as the record for the largest online poker pot ever was broken four times in a matter of hours there.

The Biggest and Most Famous Losers in History! – Part 1 If Christopher Columbus were to participate in our Biggest Famous Loser in History Contest for the chance to win 10K (and avoid having to borrow money from the Queen), I think his best bet would be to write about how, on the hopes of becoming “America’s Next Top India Discoverer” he bet all the Queen’s pawned jewelry for his trip and ended up in America. All Time Money List, Top 476142: Hendon Mob Poker Database

Top 5 biggest online poker hands, played by Patrik Antonius,...

Biggest Online Poker Pots of 2015 Revealed - Cardschat Biggest Pot of All Time. The biggest pot of all time occurred on November 21st 2009 when Isidlur1 lost $1,356,947 in a single hand of poker to Patrik Antonius and you can view it here. Incidentally, on the very same day, Isildur1 was also involved in fourth and fifth biggest online pots of all time, winning one and losing one against Phil Ivey. Monster Pot Report: Biggest play money pot in history - Online... Monster Pot Report: Biggest play money pot in history. It was the unlucky 'MoXpade' on the receiving end again. The Italian also secured 4.1B chips in the week's fifth biggest hand (eighth all time). The third biggest hand for the week went to 'Kleppr' and weighed in at 4.6B chips (fourth all-time).

Poker is not a poker if it is not bled. It is much more than having a good 'poker face' and hiding the truth behind your own cards. It is a skill that every good poker player has to master. Sometimes it fails, but sometimes it turns into a grandiose move. Do you want your bluff to lead to profit? Learn from the best bluffers of all time.

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143 players in the EPT All Time Pot-Limit Hold'em Online Poker -- Patrik Antonius Wins Largest Ever Online Pot 2009-11-17 · Online Poker -- Patrik Antonius Wins Largest Ever Online Pot Online Poker, Biggest Pot, Largest Pot, ... as well as coverage from all major poker tournaments in the world. You can also find ...